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Community Cooking Workshop 
There's something special about cooking your own delicious meal and then sitting down and nourishing yourself with it. It's a complete sensory experience and a big part of honouring and loving these amazing bodies we live in. These days however, it can seem like we are at a disconnect from our food. We have lost the connection to where it comes from or how to grow it, how to eat seasonally, the magic of using spices to enhance digestion and the wisdom to create meals that not only taste good, but balance and energise our whole being.

That's why we host these community cooking classes! To re-inspire and support you in creating a loving relationship with food. 
We start the class with a silent 20 minute meditation to get in the right frame of mind' to cook. Ayurveda says the most important part of preparing a meal is the consciousness state of the cook... happy present cook = happy life-giving food! After our minds and bodies have settled into a relaxed state, we dive into creating a nourishing meal together while learning about spices, digestion, food combinations, flavour and a few life-giving tips. We use only the best fresh, organic, seasonal food and there's a big emphasis on cooking with love and awareness, because you want to enjoy the nourishing of yourself! In each workshop we prepare and cook different seasonal recipes so you can come back and keep exploring ways of creating taste-sensations for everyday of the week.
To wrap up the class, we come together and share in the meal we have made; tasting, appreciating and enjoying the simple things in life - food, community and stories. You then get a take-home recipe so you can re-create the meal and see how easy it is to nourish yourself through fresh, wholesome and love-filled cooking.
Rustic Rishi’s intention is to help you gain a greater understanding of how to nourish your body, too ignite within you a deeper appreciation for food and to create a space in which the community can come together in an enlivening shared experience. If you would like to join a workshop, check the calendar below and sign up via humanitix. Looking forward to sharing my love of cooking with you, 
Alex. x 

I have attended many workshop’s but i have to admit, never anything like Alex’s ayurvedic cooking workshop. From the most heartfelt welcome right through to the shared meal, it was the most fun, relaxed, nurturing, informative and love centred experience around food. I picked up so many little nuggets of goodness along the way. His ayurvedic knowledge is beyond, his passion resonates so beautifully and his gentle and caring nature shines threw to make the workshop a truly heart felt experience. The food was simple to prepare and the taste was beyond! I am so grateful I chose to participate and am so looking forward to participating in his other offerings... oh and do yourself a favour, get yourself some of his ghee!


Community cooking classes run by Alex are more than just a cooking class... they are the most heart warming, soul nourishing experience of connection, education and the creation of the most deliciously mouth-watering meals. Alex is an amazingly talented chef whose love for ayurvedic cooking combined with his knowledge, passion to educate and share his incredible meals and recipes just has to be experienced! I'm grateful that Alex shares his passion with us through these classes and cannot speak highly enough of Alex and the incredible experience he provides.

Carlie Merenda - Talent Management & PR

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