We aim to bring charm and confidence back to food sourcing, preparation and eating, helping to create true health for yourself and your family. We support our community through educational cookbooks, and handmade, organic, locally sourced produce and products. These are all tools to enliven everyone’s kitchens and to help them become the warming hearts of health in their home.


We know the power and possibility of the intelligence that creates, maintains and regenerates these incredible bodies of ours. We know that every human has the ability to heal themselves from the inside out. When we know how to create a nurturing inner environment within our minds and bodies, and how to align ourselves with the natural rhythms of life, anything is possible.

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Our community is everything. It breathes life into the space we occupy and the food we create and share. For Rustic Rishi the silhouette of the founder experiencing the world through his senses is a great place to start.


Alex’s trusty mortor & pestle brings the blends herbs and spices together, from ancient application to modern day flavour bombs. You know something special is taking place when you witness this in action.


It's that which makes us feel nurtured, alive and fullfilled. If you are looking for a way to enhance and uplift your retreat or event experience, then allow me to come and nourish your community.


We are here to support you in transforming cooking and eating into a creative and enjoyable part of daily life. We offer private catering, nutritious e-cookbooks, cooking classes, locally sourced produce and more.


We have lost the connection to where it comes from or how to grow it, how to eat seasonally, the magic of using spices to enhance digestion and the wisdom to create meals that not only taste good, but balance and energise our whole being.

We are here to inspire and empower you to take back ownership of your health and wellbeing, starting with the simple art of eating. Eat, digest, eliminate - repeat. Most people do this every day with little thought, but when we bring attention to this process we can uplift ourselves with nourishment and energy, or the opposite - create a breeding ground for disease.

We want to inspire you to feel into your intuition and create a new level of insight that gives you the confidence to know how to feed yourself in each moment, creating flowing vitality and aliveness. We also know that full health doesn’t come from just working on the individual, it’s so much bigger. It comes from enlivening the potential of life on every level. From the smallest of the smallest to the biggest of the biggest. It comes through illuminating every interaction and relationship, cell to cell, human to human, creating health for the whole community and the natural environment we call home.We seek to create this in collaboration with you, through our day to day way of being and living. Taste the fullness of life.