“Simple and delicious recipes! A must have e-book.”

- Mary Trudy



Inside are ten simple, tasty recipes designed to be shared around the table. Try our delicious mung cauliflower cardamon falafel, a great lunch feast paired with our carrot coconut macadamia salad and chilli chutney. Or cook up some sprouted green mung pancakes, served with daikon ginger turmeric pickle, and the stand-out 'can I eat this every day' pumpkin chickpea tamarind curry. There are a couple of bangin' salsas you can add to any meal and the best vegetarian spiced beetroot patties. Invite your family and friends, cook together, eat together, and nourish each other's hearts. That's what good food is all about.



"From my own experience, I know that having strong digestion really enhances every aspect of life. It takes away the heaviness and fogginess, makes you feel lighter and brighter, and you look forward to cooking and eating because you know how good you’re going to feel after. I hope these recipes inspire within you greater appreciation and love for the incredible body you live in, as you learn to nurture and nourish yourself from the inside out. Cook with love, eat with love, and share it with love!"


what our Customers say

  • "It was so nice to meet you and even better to taste your food! I'm being 100% sincere when I say it was some of the best food I have ever eaten. I enjoyed every second and actually had to stop joining conversations in order to be fully present with my meal"
  • Niklas Grans-Wood - Talent Management & PR