diamond Sticky coconut & mango tapioca with lime. diamond
Memories around the incredible fruit we call mango take me back to Thailand... the warm ocean, an island surrounded by luscious greenery and the most delicious fresh food. Since we can't travel and have to hang local, the thought came to me to recreate our favourite Thailand dessert ‘Mango sticky rice’ but with a Rustic Rishi twist. The sweet experience of this dessert is best enjoyed after a warm ocean swim and feeling pleasantly dazed by the kiss of the sun. You will feel light and nurtured by today's recipe. Go make it, eat it, enjoy it... you can thank me later ;)
Serves 2
8-12 hour soaking (or overnight) + 10 minutes to cook


Sticky coconut tapioca pudding

1 cup large tapioca pearls (also known as sago)

2 cups water 

½ cup coconut cream

1 pandan leaf (can get frozen if you don’t have fresh)

Pinch of salt 

1 tbsp raw sugar

¼ tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp toasted white sesame seeds

1 mango 

½ a lime 


Coconut sauce 

 ¼ cup coconut cream

1 tsp maple syrup

pinch of salt  


Once soaked (8-12 hours), drain the remaining water and rinse the tapioca pearls then place back into the pot. Get the pandan leaf ready by tying it into a knot. Then place the half cup of coconut cream, pandan leaf, a pinch of salt, 1 tbsp of raw sugar and vanilla extract into the pot with the tapioca and bring to the boil on a medium heat. Cook for around 5 minutes, continuously stirring or until the pearls absorb all the liquid and a sticky, translucent texture is formed. Once cooked turn the heat off and place the pot to the side.




In a separate small pot add your ¼ cup of coconut cream, salt and 1 tsp maple syrup for the coconut sauce. Slowly bring to the boil on a medium heat.

Slice the mango up however it feels good for you. I peel the skin off and then slice the mango’s cheeks off and cut each cheek into four pieces.

This dessert is very easy to serve up. Grab yourself a plate and place the desired amount of sticky coconut tapioca pearls onto it, place your sliced mango on top, pour a generous amount of coconut sauce over the tapioca and finish with the toasted white sesame seeds and a squeeze of fresh lime. Eat hot whilst enjoying the sweet summer breeze.











Written by Alex Klein

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