diamond Fennel, Rocket and Shaved Cucumber Salad diamond
I don't often eat salads... but this one is a delicious addition to any Dahl and rice. 
The crispy texture and sweet, cooling qualities of fresh fennel, calms the mind and increases clarity. Paired with cooling cucumber, a vegetable that also acts as a blood purifier, and the peppery flavour of rocket, this salad is sure to delight all the senses! Making salads with rocket is a great way to enhance your digestion, or lighten a heavy meal, due to rockets light and peppery taste.
1 cucumber (shaved)
100g fresh rocket
1 medium fennel bulb
4 tbsp organic olive oil
1 tbsp brown rice vinegar 
1 tsp fresh lime juice
Toasted coconut, rose petals, dill and pistachios (to serve)
Shave the whole cucumber, including the skin, with a vegetable peeler, and add into your salad mixing bowl along with the peppery rocket. Slice your fennel bulb in half and lay flat on your chopping board. Finely slice the bulb lengthways then add to the cucumber. Dress the salad with the flavoursome olive oil, brown rice vinegar and lime juice then toss with your hands!
I like to serve the salad toped with toasted coconut, rose petals, pistachios and dill to create some contrast to the bright green salad and give it that extra little touch of love. 
Written by Alex Klein

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